Homeschooling in Florida Winter

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about enjoying the beautiful weather we're having here in Florida.  My sister and her family just moved here from Montana.  Yes, Montana! My sister was born and raised here in Florida.  I have no idea what came over them to move to Montana. The cost of living was a little lower and the kids were in better schools.  She doesn't homeschool.  But as soon as her oldest kids graduated, they left Montana. One is back here in Florida. So last year they decided to pack up and move back to Florida.  They're loving it!!!  Just about every day they're posting pictures of their outings here in Florida. Today my brother's-in-law post said that 49 out of 50 states are under snow, Florida being the one state where there is no snow.  I can't imagine.  I love snow, but I think I'm fine with just seeing it in pictures. I don't like the cold.

Right now it's 67 degrees and very sunny.  I'm wearing sweat pants, a warm sweater and fuzzy socks, because I'm cold.  Don't laugh at me.  I know you'd probably be out in the pool right now.  By the way, the water is ice cold.  Or you'd be in shorts and a T-shirt.  It does help that it's sunny out. Yesterday it was cloudy and felt much colder....okay, a little colder.  It's funny because up until just  few days ago it was in the mid-80s. But that's Florida for you.  Maybe that's why I'm sick right now.  My body is not used to the sudden weather change.  Last week the weather was so nice that I was able to take Samantha to the park to meet with some other families.  We looked for bugs and learned about the different kind of bugs there are.  We also covered a little bit about earth history. And it also went well with Samantha's second grade homeschool science.

What does school look like for those of you that are snowed in?  Although I'm sure since you all may have been raised experiencing cold winters, you're probably used to it and enjoy the time outside making snowmen and tossing snowballs.

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  1. Yep, we totally took a coupla snow days here. :D We did learn a little about the weather and why it can fluctuate SO much, in just a few days. But mostly...we made snowmen and snow angels and snow ice cream! :)